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VALEP consists of two different types of data: (a) digital facsimiles of archival sources that typically belong to either a university or a private institution or person; (b) meta data that describe these archival sources using categories such as title, description, author, date, location (altogether, VALEP uses 48 different meta data categories). The international copyright situation dictates that it is unproblematic, in principle, to make all varieties of meta data openly available, whereas facsimiles may be published online only if (α) the copyright was granted to the publishers by the copyright holders, or (β) there is a legal situation that allows publication without explicit transfer of copyright. (β) falls into two typical case types: (β-1) publication of a document is possible if all involved authors died at least 70 years ago, which makes the material public domain; (β-2) publication is possible if the publishers can prove that the copyright holders could not be identified though the publishers tried to find them in several reasonable ways. Therefore, VALEP, in principle, makes available only the meta data of processed archival sources in all cases where the copyright issue could not be positively resolved. However, even in these cases, the processed facsimiles are available for internal use, which includes use at the Institute Vienna Circle, by members and visitors, as well as friends and close cooperative partners of the institute.